La Clinique Digitale®: The Innovative Skincare Solution

A first-of-it's-kind app that allows you to interact with your community to enhance your skin's health and beauty. After building your personal profile, you can join "La Clinique Digitale" on the topics that concern you. 


Your Advantages

1. You will better understand what your skin and hair need
2. You will influence the development of your favorite brand's products
3. You can create your own La Clinique Digitale® through the App and associate other people who share the same problems as you
4. You have access to the expertise of the WB Community
5. You will benefit immediately and in the long term



Our Commitments

1. Your data belongs to you
2. We invest more than 50% of our resources in R&D
3. We are brand neutral
4. Our team uses the most accurate science
5. We are creating a new wave of cosmetics


And much more

Interact with members of the WB Community who share their solutions on your La Clinique Digitale®

Receive tailored coaching that detects and corrects your poor habits

Benefit from exclusive promotions on your favorite products and brands