In the Service of Hydrating your Skin

The skin care products you use, your makeup routine, and even the city you live in can all weaken and dehydrate your skin's barriers. With MAPO® Hydra, you can precisely measure the unique characteristics of your skin to discover it's optimal level of hydration and build your custom skin care routine. Our product uses science and technology to provide an accurate reading of your skin and it's needs. Having a better understanding of your skin will help you boost the effectiveness of the products you already use and introduce you to new techniques you'll love.


Simple and Fast
In less than one minute, the MAPO® Hydra mask will perform a complete analysis of your skin whenever and wherever you want


Tailored Results
Sensors are placed on key areas of your face in order to receive the most precise results

Not only does MAPO® Hydra measure the hydration levels of your skin but it will also enhance the effectiveness of your cosmetic products 


A New Type of Cosmetic
MAPO® Hydra allows you to better know your skin and its needs, connects you to a community that shares your beauty needs and solutions, and track your skin's evolution


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